Case studies

Eastman Therminol® heat transfer fluid case studies shine a spotlight on instances when a Therminol product notably impacts a customer and its business. Case studies demonstrate the benefits, outcomes, and advantages of using Therminol products. To learn more about how Therminol heat transfer fluid products bring our customers to new heights in various applications, explore our case studies.


Eastman technical support helps Indonesian company update its operations.

Therminol 55 | PT Dewasutratex | Indonesia | Textile factory

Eastman's technical support enhances PT Dewasutratex's heat transfer system, addressing sludge and oxidation issues that improved efficiency. The use of Therminol 55 fluid, coupled with tank design improvements, results in optimal performance and reduced fuel consumption, earning high praise from PT Dewasutratex.

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Choosing the right heat transfer fluid can lead to a long operating life.

Marlotherm® SH heat transfer fluid has lasted 42 years in Greece facility.

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When an Indorama Ventures plant went down, Eastman was there to help.

Therminol 66│Therminol VP-1│Indorama Ventures│Rotterdam

When two heat transfer systems failed at the Rotterdam facility of Indorama Ventures in November 2018, the global manufacturer of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) needed quick answers and a timely solution. With the facility down, Indorama was losing production and money.

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Eastman Therminol® 66 heat transfer fluid gets the green light at SAIB, a leading Italian chipboard producer

Therminol 66│SAIB│Italy│Wood Processing

Wood recycler and chipboard manufacturer, SAIB, S.p.A., located in Caorso, Italy, needed to update its plant technology, but cost was a concern. Mineral oil was the historic heat transfer fluid solution for the company’s new presses but did not meet the plant’s requirements for improved production output. Eastman’s Therminol team demonstrated how synthetic heat transfer fluid (HTF) could benefit the new heating system. The client saved time and money by reducing plant maintenance, the need for topping up fluids, and operating expenses.

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Chromalox and Eastman Therminol meet high-temperature demands

Therminol 72│Chomolox│Chemical Processing

A chemical production plant required a jacketed reactor to enable high-temperature processing. The plant searched for a sealless pump that could manage the high temperature and pressure. Eastman Therminol 72 heat transfer fluid was selected for the newly installed 150-KW Chromalox CLD Hot Oil System with sealless pump.

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Coming full circle

Therminol 66│Total Lifecycle Care│Rubber Manufacturing

After successfully using Therminol 66® heat transfer fluid for many years, a large global chemical manufacturing facility was in need of a replacement. By taking advantage of the TLC Total Lifecycle Care® program, the client reduced plant shutdowns and repairs, saving them time and money.

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Hello Therminol. Goodbye mineral oil sludge.

Therminol 55│India│Wood Processing

After years of exclusive mineral oil use in its heat transfer systems, Merino Laminates was unable to maintain optimal operating temperatures in its plant in Hapur, India, causing increased operating expenses and decreased production. With the help of Eastman’s TLC Total Lifecycle Care® program, the system was cleaned with Eastman Therminol FF flushing fluid. Additionally, the mineral oil was replaced with Therminol 55 heat transfer fluid, a synthetic fluid noted for its precise temperature control and thermal stability.

Learn more about how Eastman Therminol helped Merino Laminates with their heat transfer fluid challenges. | German

From forest to beautiful wood floors

Therminol 55│Bozovich│Peru│Wood Processing

Bozovich is one of the world's leading forestry companies, and as such, slow production time is unacceptable. When Bozovich's kiln drying plants were experiencing bottlenecks and added maintenance, Eastman Therminol's heat transfer fluid proved to be the needed solution.

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Sun, salt, and the Colorado highway.

Therminol 55│Epiphany Water Solutions│US│Solar

In the winter months, Colorado requires salt to keep its roads clear. Unfortunately, saltwater runoff can be harmful to the surrounding environment. To safely recycle this salt water, the Colorado Department of Transportation utilizes newly developed solar-powered units that incorporate Eastman Therminol’s proven heat transfer fluid technology.

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Eastman Therminol gets green “thumbs up” from oil recyclers.

Therminol 66,72,75│US│Oil recycling

Because oil recycling requires an extremely high-temperature heat transfer fluid, Eastman Therminol® heat transfer fluids are the right fit. Therminol’s products bring with them decades of experience in system design and fluid monitoring. As a result, two North American oil recyclers are able to provide recycled oil to the marketplace while reducing pollution and conserving energy.

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From garbage to green at Canada’s Enerkem

Therminol 66│Enerkem│Canada│Biofuels

When an energy start-up needs reliable plant operations and processing support, the Eastman Therminol engineering team brings clarity, simplicity, and a proven track record to heat transfer fluid selection. Because of Therminol’s influence, the company’s plant is now fully operational.

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From wood to wattage: Canadian forestry companies turn trees into eco-treasure.

Therminol 66│Canada│Wood│ORC

Canadian environmental legislation requires sawmills to end traditional burn-off practices commonly used to dispose of waste wood. This legislation led the Canadian forestry industry on a hunt for energy-smart solutions to manage wood waste. Many of these companies invested in organic Rankine cycle (ORC) technology. Because of the hand Eastman Therminol® heat transfer fluids play in these ORC systems, these Canadian forestry companies are powering their plants with their own waste wood while providing excess energy for their local grids.

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Linea Energia brings biomass energy to two Italian communities.

Therminol 66│Linea Energia│Italy│ORC

When an Italian energy company searched for new ways to decentralize green energy production with small, green technology plants, organic Rankine cycle (ORC) technology offered a solution to convert biomass into fuel on a local level. When Linea Energia chooses Eastman Therminol 66® heat transfer fluid for its new plants, the company successfully produces green energy for Italian towns.

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Little country, big accomplishments: Therminol experts help launch a dual fuel project in Denmark.

Therminol 66│Denmark│Solar│ORC

Denmark sought to make progress in solar-powered energy despite the country’s northern geography. A biomass-fueled organic Rankine cycle (ORC) makes energy independence possible, even on days that lack sunshine. Therminol 66 provides the high thermal stability and low vapor pressure necessary to control both the CSP and biomass heat. Because of Therminol 66, Aalborg CSP’s hybrid plant becomes operational, heating and powering Brønderslev, Denmark.

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Parallel systems, contrasting results: Therminol® 66 heat transfer fluid delivers superior performance for Grupo Primex.

Therminol 66│Total Lifecycle Care│Flushing Fluid│Grupo Primex│Mexico

Grupo Primex (now Mexichem) had been using Therminol 66 in one of its two heat transfer systems and a non-Eastman product in the second. When the customer’s production manager noticed losses in distillation efficiency, increases in system vapor pressures, increased unplanned downtime, and impacts to the finished product quality, he turned to the Therminol technical support team. A fluid analysis revealed the Therminol fluid composition demonstrated a resilience to chemical changes and excellent performance over extended time frames. The decision to transition the second system to Therminol 66 was clear. Since the fluid switch, the customer has not experienced downtime or other problems.

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Reaching new lows with Therminol® VLT heat transfer fluids

Therminol VLT│Cambridge Major│US│Pharma

Pharmaceutical industry trends demand systems that operate at extremely low temperatures. Because of this, Cambridge Major Laboratories was on the search for a low-temperature solution. After gauging and understanding pharmaceutical heat transfer fluid needs, the Therminol team developed the ideally suited Therminol VLT.

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Resitol Industria Química, TLC Total Lifecycle Care®, and Therminol® LT heat transfer fluid: A “cool” combination

Therminol LT│Total Lifecycle Care│Resitol Industria Quimica│Brazil

In 2008, Resitol Industria Química experienced two major leaks from their heat transfer system. After the first leak, the company’s previous fluid supplier was unable to deliver enough fluid to replenish the system. When the second incident occurred, Resitol reached out to its local Therminol team. Therminol heat transfer fluid experts conducted a system design review. After consultation, Resitol switched it silicone-based fluid to Therminol LT synthetic heat transfer.

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Alternative energy projects and Therminol technical services: A powerful combination

Total Lifecycle Care│Canada│Alternate Energy

For decades, Therminol heat transfer fluids were used in natural gas processing applications. With the world making major steps toward alternative energy, Therminol fluid expanded to projects involving biofuels, cogeneration, nanotechnology, oil sands, and solar energy. Pristine Power Inc., EnPower Green Energy Generation Limited Partnership, and Chinook Engineering are companies that utilized Eastman Therminol products in various phases of this transition.

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TLC Total Lifecycle Care® and Therminol fluids support ORC clean energy projects.

Total Lifecycle Care│Canada│ORC

In alternative energy projects, the success of the organic Rankine cycle (ORC) process is the creation of clean energy that reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Many elements of the various heat transfer systems differ from project to project—except for Eastman Therminol® heat transfer fluids.

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