Plastics and polymer manufacturing

Plastics and polymer production utilizes manufacturing equipment that requires a broad range of flexibility in operation. Reaction vessels may be operated at very different temperatures that may require a heat transfer fluid system that provides both heating and cooling. This type of heat transfer system configuration works best when a single fluid can be used to effectively transfer heat over the complete temperature range specified. Eastman Therminol® heat transfer fluids have been extensively used in the manufacturing of PET, HDPE, and a variety of other plastics. Producers have found the versatility and reliability of Therminol heat transfer fluids make them ideal for use in their production facilities.

Therminol RD Temperature Graphic

Therminol RD is a low-viscosity heat transfer fluid particularly recommended for indirect heating at medium temperatures where low-temperature pumpability is required.

Therminol 58 Temperature Graphic

Therminol 58 is an efficient, reliable, medium-temperature synthetic fluid engineered to deliver exceptional heat transfer performance at maximum bulk temperatures up to 300°C (575°F).

Therminol 59 Temperature Graphic

Therminol 59 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid with excellent low-temperature pumping characteristics and thermal stability.

Therminol 62 Temperature Graphic

Therminol 62 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid whose chemistry is custom contoured for high-performance, low-pressure, and exceptional thermal stability.

Therminol 66 Temperature Graphic

Therminol 66 is the world’s most popular high temperature, liquid-phase heat transfer fluid. Therminol 66 is pumpable at low temperatures and offers high-temperature thermal stability.