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Eastman offers a family of Therminol heat-stable fluids developed specifically for indirect transfer of process heat. Therminol heat transfer fluids can meet the operating needs of virtually any single- or multiple-station heat-using system. In properly designed systems our fluids provide excellent thermal stability within their expected temperature ranges and provide years of trouble-free service with minimum downtime. Available in various formulations and operating ranges, Therminol heat transfer fluids provide excellent benefits—economy, efficient operation, minimum maintenance, and precise temperature control.

Heat transfer calculators

Product comparison

Make side-by-side comparisons of up to six fluids for physical performance properties and heat transfer coefficients.

Property by temperature table

Create tables of physical properties in various units of measure and user-selected temperature increments.

Property by temperature plot

Create plots of key physical properties of Therminol heat transfer fluids in user-selected units of measure.

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Guides and product brochures


Therminol Heat Transfer Fluid Selection Guide

Therminol heat transfer fluids selection guide



Suggested Therminol Products by Application

Suggested Therminol products by application


Therminol Heat Transfer Fluid for alternative energy

Therminol heat transfer fluids for alternative energies and technologies


Therminol Heat Transfer Fluids for the oil and gas industry

Therminol heat transfer fluids for the oil and gas industry