Concentrated solar power (CSP)

Eastman Therminol® heat transfer fluids have been utilized in concentrating solar plants since the mid-1980s, some of which continue to operate on their originally maintained charge of fluid today! Keys to such long life and reliable performance include consistent operation in responding to daily temperature cycling, analytical support from the fluid supplier, and excellent thermal stability. Fluid reliability is ensured with stringent process controls when manufacturing the first-intent raw materials comprising these fluids. It is combined with ISO-certified processes and consistent finished product specifications to ensure ongoing, uncompromised performance. CSP hybrid applications combining CSP and organic Rankine cycle (ORC) technology and applications combining CSP and desalination are just two new developments in alternative energy and technologies where Therminol heat transfer fluids can help.

Heat transfer fluids for alternative energy and technologies (PDF)

Therminol 62 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid whose chemistry is custom contoured for high-performance, high-purity, low-pressure and exceptional thermal stability.

Therminol 66 is the world’s most popular high temperature, liquid-phase heat transfer fluid. Therminol 66 is pumpable at low temperatures, and offers high-temperature thermal stability.

Therminol VP-1 heat transfer fluid is an ultra-high temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid designed to meet the demanding requirements of vapor phase systems or liquid phase systems.