Therminol® LT Heat Transfer Fluid

Therminol LT is a synthetic aromatic heat transfer fluid. It can be used in both liquid-phase and vapor-phase, and has excellent heat transfer and fluid properties for low-temperature applications.

Therminol LT Temperature Graphic

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Performance Benefits

  • Low Viscosity—Low viscosity at exceptionally low temperatures makes Therminol LT is excellent for pumping extreme cooling applications.
  • Excellent Low Temperature Performance—Therminol LT has the best low temperature heat transfer coefficient of all coolant fluids. Therminol LT has excellent heat transfer properties to -75°C (-100°F).
  • Vapor Phase Operation—Therminol LT can be used in the liquid phase between -75°C (-100°F) and 315°C (600°F). With a boiling point of 181°C (358°F) at ambient pressure, Therminol LT can be used in the vapor-phase above 181°C (358°F).
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