Performance Benefits

  • Fast and Easy – Using Therminol FF to flush your fouled system is faster than chemical cleaning and requires less downtime. This is because you simply drain the old fluid, add Therminol FF and circulate, drain and re-fill with your new heat transfer fluid.
  • Less Costly – Therminol FF is a key component of a low cost alternative to chemically cleaning a heat transfer system containing severely degraded or contaminated organic heat transfer fluid.
  • Compatible With New Fluid – Therminol FF is compatible and miscible with most organic heat transfer fluids, which means less downtime is required for system cleaning.
  • Safety – Therminol FF is a synthetic hydrocarbon with a high flash point and high initial boiling point, making it much safer to use than other cleaning solvents.
  • Effective – To help you decide on the correct clean-out procedure, your Therminol specialist can help you develop the necessary parameters required to maximize the effectiveness of the flushing process.

Typical Properties

AppearanceAmber liquid
CompositionSynthetic hydrocarbon
Flash point, COC (ASTM D-92)120°C (250°F)
Liquid density at 25°C (ASTM D-4052)0.96 - 1.00 g/cm3
Moisture content, maximum (ASTM E-203)500 ppm
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