Therminol 54 Heat Transfer Fluid

Product description

Therminol 54 is a synthetic fluid designed to provide reliable, consistent heat transfer performance over a long service life at maximum bulk temperatures up to 280°C (540°F). Therminol 54 fluid is designed for use in non-pressurized/low-pressure, indirect heating systems. It delivers efficient, dependable, uniform process heat with no need for high pressures.

Performance Benefits

  • Excellent pumpability—Therminol 54 supports operations with temperatures lower than possible with many other mineral oils.
  • Non-sludge-producing chemistry—The use of Therminol 54 enables life-cycle operational cost efficiencies, including optimal pump seal life, fewer system cleanings between refills, and superior fluid life.
  • Excellent resistance to fouling—Because Therminol 54 is a synthetic fluid, it resists the effects of oxidation 10 times better than mineral oils.

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Therminol 54 Heat Transfer Fluid


  • HTF - bakery
  • HTF - edible oil
  • HTF - fertilizer
  • HTF - fine chemicals
  • HTF - food production
  • HTF - food/feed/beverage processing
  • HTF - frying oil
  • Laminate flooring
  • Laundries
  • Oil recycling
  • Polyamide
  • Polymer processing
  • Road asphalt
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Wood panels

Key attributes

  • Excellent pumpability
  • Excellent resistance to fouling
  • Non-sludge-producing chemistry

Regulatory information and data sheets

Product availability

Check with local sales office to determine exact availability by country. Orders subjected to minimum order quantity.