Sample kit

In-Service Heat Transfer Fluid Sample Analysis

When Therminol heat transfer fluids are used within suggested temperature limits, they can provide years of trouble-free service.

To help users get maximum life, Eastman offers testing of in-service heat transfer fluids to detect contamination, moisture, thermal degradation, and other conditions that may impact system performance. This comprehensive analysis includes: acid number, kinematic viscosity, acetone insoluble solids, low boilers, high boilers, and moisture content. Additional special analyses are available upon request.

Results of the test are presented in a detailed report that provides suggestions for corrective action.  Test results are stored in a database for future reference.  Customers can access their specific test information via the myTherminol site portal.myTherminol logo

Sample analysis includes all-inclusive sample kits that are easy to use. Most systems should be sampled annually. Users should also sample any time a fluid-related problem is suspected. For instructions on how to take a sample see the In-Use Testing of Therminol Heat Transfer Fluids Bulletin #2.

Located on four continents, Eastman’s in-house, ISO certified laboratories support fluid sampling requirements from around the world. Request a sample analysis kit. Kit design may vary depending on fluid, and shipping and lab requirements within the region.