Heat Transfer Calculators

Therminol Heat Transfer Fluid Therminol Heat Transfer Fluid Calculator 1.0 (3 calculators in 1 application!)
  • Product comparison calculator - Make side-by-side comparisons of up to six fluids for physical and performance properties, and heat transfer coefficients.
  • Property by temperature table - Create tables of physical properties in various units of measure, and in user-selected temperature increments.
  • Property by temperature plot - Create plots of key physical properties of Therminol fluids in user-selected units of measure.
Click on the link below to download the Therminol heat transfer fluid calculator 1.0 install file. When it is finished downloading, double-click the file (filename=setup.exe). The file will install the Therminol heat transfer fluid calculator 1.0 on your PC.
Download Therminol Heat Transfer Fluid Calculator 1.0 (Filesize = 2.7 MB)

Note: If you have any difficulties with this download, please contact us at: (800) 433-6997 in North America, or send an e-mail to team.therminol@eastman.com.

Heat Transfer calculator Therminol HTC Calculator (spreadsheet)
  Spreadsheet which calculates fluid performance based on user input for any fluid. Output includes the heat transfer coefficient for the fluid, along with estimated pressure drop per 100 linear ft. Results will be consistent with those obtained by using the Therminol heat transfer fluid calculator. Input must be provided in English units of measure.
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